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President Obama announced plans today to promote offshore drilling for oil and natural gas. This is an important step in America achieving true energy independence. Our dependence of foreign oil is a national security issue.

While this plan will take at least 10 years to implement, it's a good first step. As many of you are aware, we are now awash in natural gas and the Crossroad's is poised to be a major contributor of domestic energy alternatives with the development shale gas from the Eagle Ford formation.

We currently use two-thirds of our imported oil for transportation. We also need an energy strategy that promotes natural gas as a transportation fuel to bridge us to renewable energy. Ron Paul is co-sponsoring the NAT GAS ACT along with a bipartisan support from both sides of Congress. The bill should make it's way through Congress later this year. The Victoria area can both benefit and contribute towards America's energy independence. Please help support the NAT GAS ACT by becoming informed on the need for America's energy independence.