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Getting in a serious work out has become my desire lately. I started walking in the park but, I have since moved onto the treadmill. Also, I have some free weights at home but, started using the Nautilus equipment at the gym. Well, I started to realize that my program has become a pretty rigid routine. So, for fun, I changed it up. I still have a serious a.m. work out but, I found some alternate, fun, activities for the evening. For instance, the local YMCA offers Water Zumba that fits my schedule twice a week and offers a class on Saturday mornings. I discovered that this 1 hour class is fun and low impact. Last one in……!!

I noticed that the club has racquetball courts too. The thought of this activity looked fun but, maybe the pace is a little too fast, for now, so I found a cheap and easy way participate. I bought a pair of Badminton racquets from the thrift store and took to the court. This $2.00 dollar investment had me burning calories and laughing while bringing old high school gym class memories to mind. I really enjoyed rediscovering this fun sport and liked the slower pace. So, I’m trying my best to find fun, alternate activities to add to my program. I don’t want it to become too routine. I don’t want to limit myself as I discover a fun and fit lifestyle.

The bikes are ready to roll tomorrow.


Live well, Reuben