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I have been pleased so far with the response to our new Helping Hands series that prints in the Saturday edition. I've heard from several nonprofit agencies wanting to be included in the series, but I know there are dozens more out there who should take advantage of this opportunity. And, it's not limited to Victoria. Our coverage area extends out to several counties and nonprofits in those areas are also encouraged to take part in the Helping Hands series. There is a short, simple form to fill out, maybe a follow-up question or two, and bada-bing, bada-boom, you are in line to be featured. Get in touch with me to find out how easy it is.

Nonprofit agencies in the Victoria area are also invited to join our on-line community and utilize our print media in a variety of ways.

Representatives can start their own blog, regularly updating our readers on happenings in their organizations. Agencies may also submit calendar items via the web site, and they will also show up in the printed paper. We also welcome guest columns that would appear on our Viewpoints page and, of course, on the web.

I encourage agencies to consider these opportunities. Give me a call or drop me an e-mail at if you have questions on how to get started.