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Victoria has the chance to take the lead in educating the residents in the Crossroads about heart health. The American Heart Association has selected 15 cities in Texas, including Victoria, to conduct a pilot program called HeartChase. According to AHA HeartChase coordinator Ashley Huckaby, HeartChase can best be described as a cross between A Minute To Win It and Amazing's a fun-filled, but educational "competition" with teams competing at various checkpoints along a designated course. And Victoria has the chance to be the first in the state to conduct a HeartChase event. On Thursday at 6 p.m. the first organizational meeting to decide the direction HeartChase will take in Victoria will be held at the Power Avenue Warehouse, 402 East Power Avenue. If you, like me, have lost a loved one to heart disease or in some way been affected by heart problems, now is the chance to give back. I urge you to attend this meeting, lend your voice, volunteer your time and let's get HeartChase Victoria on track.