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On Monday I wrote a story about public school students visiting St. Joseph High School to get a sample of private school life.

In the story, I followed Madelyn Simmang, a Cade Middle School student who had been in and out of private schools (not for any disciplinary reasons) in the past.

She said she really liked the incorporation of religion in the classroom since she herself is an active Catholic.

St. Joseph is a Catholic high school.

For the past 50 years or so, the subject of private school vouchers has been a hot subject in Texas education circles.

Now that republican senator Dan Patrick is the newly appointed chairman of the Texas Education Commission, vouchers may become a reality.

I touch on some of the specifics in my story from Tuesday's paper.

How would you use these vouchers to your advantage?

Would you be tempted to remove your child from public school and move them to a private school?

What would this mean as far as public money being put into private institutions?

Should their records be made public?

Should religion be discussed in a classroom receiving public funds?

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