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Today at Patti Welder Middle School, I watched as a some health science professionals dared to entertain and intrigue sixth graders with tips on what college degrees and certifications they may need to reach their goals in life.

Some of these kids couldn't have been more bored, others were enthralled.

It's cool to think that some students at age 11 through 12, are actually excited about their futures.

Middle School is a time of much emotional and physical turmoil.

I'm pretty sure all I wanted to do when I was in sixth grade was playing Final Fantasy and eat Ramen all day.

I still wouldn't mind spending a weekend doing that.

But for what it's worth, it'd be interesting to see how much of an impact these volunteering adults will have on students down the line.

Two pharmacy technicians from Citizens Medical Center, seemed a tad nervous during their presentation but succeeded - for the most part - in keeping the students entertained.

VISD child nutrition director Dana Bigham should really consider teaching a few secondary education classes. She commanded the room today and interacted fairly well with the students.

I remember wanting to become an astronaut when I was in sixth grade but I quickly realized Algebra and Geometry were not on my side. Also, I was a pretty pathetic athlete.

But I'm happy that I found solace and sanctuary in my English and Journalism classes later on in life.

I don't think I would have made it through high school without good role models and goals that I was able to set by the eighth grade.

Of course back then I wanted to be the next Condoleezza Rice but for now "Education Reporter" is not all that shabby of a title.