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It's almost here.

Starting March 11 through the 15th, students will be whisked away by their parental units for adventures throughout the country for Spring Break.

My freshman year of high school, I was about to turn 15 and in Mexican-American, Catholic tradition, I was already anticipating my QuinceaƱera.

But another opportunity presented itself to me through my Spanish II Honors class.

Instead of getting my parents to pay for a Mexican version of a Sweet Sixteen, I decided to campaign for a 10-day trip to Spain with my classmates, chaperons and Spanish teacher, Ms. Norma Mouton instead.

And it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Crossing the Atlantic and traveling to another country was a huge eye-opener.

Things I learned: 1. Not everything that occurs abroad revolves around the U.S. 2. I could pass off as French 3. Never ask for a taco at a Spanish restaurant 4. Yelling and wincing is not appropriate behavior at bull fights 5. Don't spend all your money on ice cream, you'll need it later 6. Not everybody knows where Texas is 7. Don't fall asleep with your mother's rosary in hand on the plane, it will get stolen 8. Pack lightly, you will be bringing back other clothes

What are you doing for Spring Break?