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Victoria West High School senior Ashley Green, 20, was voted this year's Prom Princess, a contest where the winner gets an all-expenses paid prom package.

As part of the contest Green tried on several different dresses at All About the Dress, one of the contest sponsors, and faced the difficult task of whittling down her options to just three.

Here are the tallies as of Thursday afternoon around 2 p.m.: Votes for Dress Option 1 - 670, votes for Dress Option 2 - 234, votes for Dress Option 3 - 362.

The dresses are all designed by Sydney's Closet.

There are less than 24 hours left until voting closes tomorrow at noon so hurry and choose your favorite before tomorrow's deadline.

P.S. Ashley's favorite is the black one. When she tried it on she asked her prom date J.R. to "please pick this one."