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What ever happen to fatherhood in the United States? Fatherhood along with manhood is looked as a joke in the eyes of society. Even in media, pop culture, we witness TV fathers like Andy Griffith’s, and James Evan’s turn into the Homer Simpson’s and Al Bundy’s of the world. All of the problems stem from one thing that is extreme feminism. Yes, I said it EXTREME FEMINISM!!!!! The result of goals made by feminists created a generation of men who wouldn’t be men and take challenges of life like men should. Since the Gloria Allred’s and Gloria Steinem’s 1970’s hay day, America experience more divorce, more children born out of wed lock, and the decrease of child rate, and yes the break down in the family.

Men, like Antonio Cromartie, are the effect of this. That causes an almost endless circle of baby’s mama/baby’s daddy drama in American family life. Men like Antonio Cromartie should be in jail for the mess they created. On top of that Baby mama number 3 on up should be in jail too for not being smart and wise and picking men like Antonio in the first place. That’s right folks I said. It is time for society to take a stand and do the right thing.

Mr. J. Williams