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Wow, talk about some recent news headlines. Some people are finally starting to get it. I just hope it is not too late. The problem is that like all cultures, it is like a big tug boat that is very hard to steer. Daniel Knowles reported in regards to the real population problem: “Indeed, curiously, in the developed world, we now face the opposite problem: ageing. Italy, the total fertility rate has fallen to 1.23 children per woman, and one in five Italians is now over the age of 65. At one point, Russia's population was actually falling at a rate of 800,000 per year – though the decline has now slowed. Japan's working age population is expected to decrease by 20 per cent over the next 20 years, as is Germany's. These are only the extreme examples.”

Whereas the population bomb has fizzled out with an embarrassing little pop, we can thank the eugenics movement of the early 1900s led by notables like A. Hitler and M. Sanger for the devolution of creating a system against life. Now, we have plenty of aging going on in 1st world countries which becomes a societal problem on the backs of the younger generations. The population implosion was apparently a huge secret for the last ten years or so and now is finally being brought to light.

As the political culture begins to shift here in America, I don’t see why both political parties don’t see the huge purple elephant in the room. The system still supports the largest people extinguisher that is ironically called Planned Parenthood. Given its reputation for being the largest abortion provider, it is ironic the organization is not very good at planning pregnancy which is when parenthood begins. It is also horrible at parenthooding because it kills the very people that make fathers and mothers a parent. Perhaps the organization ought to be called Aleatoric De-Parenthood. With all the science and medicine we have accomplished, are we still confused on when life begins? Gianna Jessen was nearly killed by her mother when she was in her mother’s womb. Now, with cerebral palsy due to the saline in the abortion attempt, she not only does things doctors said she would never do, she also provides beauty through her voice. How many Gianna’s did not survive? Well, since 1973 about 55 million people have been killed in surgical abortions and all in the name of so called reproductive rights which are really “ought to have the right to end life” rights because reproduction has already occurred.

Does it really surprise you? We live in the deadliest culture known to human history. The anti-life culture, shared by both the “free” world and the unfree, has killed more people that all the 19th century regimes combined. But we go about our day and ignore the fact that your cousin, classmates, or future spouse didn’t survive and may in the tiny capsule you are taking. Are we really surprised? How much more shocking does it is need to get before people notice? How large does the writing need to be? How much population must be drained before we get it?