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Many people mistake their reputation for integrity. It's a mistake I've made many, many times. Of course, our reputation should be a reflection of our character. But sometimes, through no fault of our own, it's not. And although it hurts when people think less of us than we deserve, our integrity, our self- respect, and our happiness do not ultimately depend upon the opinion of others. These traits depend upon our own consciousness. We must be true to ourselves. And, we must be true to others, whether they believe we are or not.

To be true to yourself, whatever your faults, whatever your mistakes is to accept and faithfully fulfill the demands of your conscience. You may face many difficult choices in life, some harder than you can ever imagine, but only your integrity will pull you through and allow your character to become real.

I believe our values are the power behind the candle that burns in our lives. Do not submit to the opinion of others. Do not allow their words to destroy you. Today, believe in your character and let your integrity speak for you.

"No matter their opinion, no matter their voice, be true to yourself and let your best shine through"

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