ALL THAT I AM and have ever HOPE TO BE, I OWE to my children. They taught me the importance of life and how to live. I have learned: to give makes me feel better than to receive, to forgive and forget, to love unconditionally, to get respect I must give respect, my words have power and to always watch what I say, and when it seems as though I am alone they are always on my mind. My children taught me to pray. My children taught me to be a living example of what I expect them to be.

All the shoes I tied, hair I washed, and messes I cleaned up made me the Mother I am today. Every challenge, sacrifice, and struggle we overcame made us a strong family who can conquer anything.

Finishing Science fair projects, late at night before they were due the next day, taught me to work hard- meet deadlines and control my temper! When other children laughed at my children by making fun of them or simply calling them names- I learned what the word insecure meant and used it to build others self-esteem!

It’s the highest, holiest service among us humans. It’s the definition of selfless. It’s both a daunting responsibility and a glorious opportunity. Being a mother is so much more than a biological process.

So this Mother’s Day, I will let my children know how important their lives mean to me.

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