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This is really old news. I avoided telling you all that one of my children moved away. My oldest son lives in his own apartment on his college campus in another town.


When I worry about him and wonder what all he is up to, I look at his Facebook page for clues. I can usually find a picture that someone has tagged of him, lyrics from a popular song as his status update, or a map with a red pinpoint showing where he has been. I feel like an internet stalker. I have also seen footage from a Corpus television station that mentioned a fund raising event that he and his fraternity brothers organized.

The good news, for me, is that he is coming home for the summer. I hope he doesn’t have as much fun in Victoria as he has had on the island. I don't know if Victoria can handle it.


My dream of setting up my own home gym will have to wait until Fall of 2012. I'll start my diet THEN.