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If you live in the Crossroads and plan on teaching your child at home, there are a few events that you may want to mark on your calendar.

The Crossroads Home Educated Children (CHEC) Activity Fair - At the beginning of each school year, our local homeschool organization hosts an activity fair which allows area homeschoolers an opportunity to see what all is available for the homeschool community. Families can go to sign up for field trips, classes, or to be a part of the CHEC yearbook staff. Families can also learn more about and sign up to participate in Victoria Cobra Athletics, our local competitive homeschool sports program. The event is free and it's a great opportunity to meet other families who are "teaching their own" and to join Crossroads Home Educated Children. I would recommend joining our local organization so that your family doesn't miss out on area opportunities like drama, local co-ops, prom, homecoming, and important announcements. Don't miss this event! Details: Monday, August 27, 7:00-8:30pm, at First Christian Church. More details can be found on the CHEC website.

Crossroads Home Educated Children (CHEC) Back to School Party - Wednesday, September 5, 2:00-4:00pm. Visit the CHEC website or attend the activity fair for more details.

These two events will be a great way to kick off your school year.

More information on homeschooling in the Crossroads:

Crossroads Home Educated Children - local support organization offering activities for members. Visit CHEC on Facebook.

Homeschool Victoria Yahoo! Group - free and inclusive e-mail discussion list for area homeschool families. Visit HSV on Facebook.

Victoria Cobra Athletics - offering competitive homeschool sports including volleyball, basketball, and football. Visit the Victoria Cobra Athletics 6-Man Football Team on Facebook. Note: girls' high school and junior high volleyball practices have begun! Also, boys' junior high and high school football practice is underway. There is already a Homecoming game and Homecoming DANCE scheduled. It's not too late to get involved!

Here is one of my Cobras:


Information on homeschooling in Texas:

Texas Homeschool Coalition - This site has a great Getting Started section which should answer any question about how to begin homeschooling, including legalities.

Texas Home Educators - General information about homeschooling in Texas.