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Image I set the timer for 15 minutes and 10 seconds. That’s ten extra seconds to procrastinate. I make my way to the deep water. A few seconds in and my mind starts to wander to real life emergency situations where I might need to tread water to save my life. I think about the Titanic. Would I be able to do this in freezing water? In the dark? Would I be able to do this in violent surf? Salty waves? Dehydrated? The answer frightens me.

I used to walk really fast for my life on the treadmill, but now I have a pool! I'm treading water to survive. (Not for exercise. That would be too boring.)

Lime green, blue, yellow, and pink lights play on the waves. The light show is the reflection of the pool toys and floats, but it could be a hallucination from the exhaustion of treading water for hours.

I look to my right and see alligator eyes looking back at me. They are real. It’s a tree frog, but it could be an alligator. What if an alligator was in the water with me? There was a story on the news this morning about a guy who survived an alligator attack.

I make my way to the frog and place it safely on the dry stone. It hops away. I wonder what it’s like to be rescued by a giant in a big white floppy hat.

I imagine someone coming through the gate saying, “I have been trying to call you all day!” I imagine giving up and checking the timer on my phone and discovering that I never hit “start.” This is the longest fifteen minutes ever.

When the alarm finally goes off, I'm exhausted. I am out of shape. I don't remember being this bored treading water.

Yes, folks, I’m still chunky, and --------- we have moved into a new house ------ with a pool!

If you are wondering who let the rednecks out, I might be your new neighbor. =P

(I hope the laundry doesn't end up in the pool now that I am using the pool for exercise.)