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If you're up to date on pop music happenings, you'll know Canada's next big thing (next to Justin "Biebs" Bieber) is Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me, Maybe. She's number one this week on YouTube's top 100 videos, along with the Billboard 100. What you may not know is the slew of parodies that have exploded, starting with the ever-so-hot Harvard Baseball Team.

I can thank my 20-year-old sister for filling me in on this video gone viral. I saw her and my 13-year-old brother not too long after she showed me this. Every time the song came on in the car, they would bust out Harvard's hot van moves. Needless to say, car trips will never be boring again. In my opinion, out of all the other parodies like Texas State Baseball team's try, nothing beat's Carly Rae's four-legged twin, Corgi Rae. The cuteness factor is through the roof. Sorry, Harvard. At least you can say you went viral first. But the latest and probably my favorite right next to Corgi Rae's debut is seeing our servicemen and women unlace their boots for a few. I found this video courtesy of the USO's facebook.

So go ahead, repost this, share these links, or even let loose yourself while in the car or at work. Cause everyone needs to bust out moves and have a "Call Me, Maybe" moment of your own. Or an "Eye of the Tiger" moment. Just pick a song and pick up a camera and lets see what goes viral next.