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It's time to put your zombie apocalypse training to the test and run for your lives. Literally.

Austin will be hosting the sickest 5K on Dec. 15 that you will want to die for. My running from zombie fantasies can now come true.

So pack up your hordes of meat to sling and bats to hit. Not really, the race won't allow you. But be prepared to crawl, climb and get down and dirty while running from zombies to stay alive. Each runner gets a health belt with 3 health flags. Thing flag football, minus the football. Zombies will attempt to grab your health flags as you duck and dodge their decaying limbs. Losers still get to finish the race. You'll just be declared undead.

Tickets are $77 until Oct. 24. Then after that they are $88 until Dec. 11. Each participant gets into the post apocalyptic party as well as free access to the camping area overnight. My sister and I are ready to pack our sleeping bags and fine-tune our training while we await such a glorious undead takeover. And don't worry, decontamination zones will be on site after the hazardous bloodbath.

And before you even wonder if you can be part of the undead pack yourself, those spots are all taken. But, if you'd rather spectate or volunteer, sign up! You'll get free camping and into the after party, depending on which you choose.