Blogs » Man About Town » How I became best friends with 'Searching for Sonny' director Andrew Disney, sort of


This past Saturday the Victoria Independent Film Festival screened the first of four indie films that will be coming to Victoria this Fall.

Here's my one sentence review: "Searching for Sonny" is a fast-paced, roller coaster mystery ride of laughs and fun that you never want to get off of.

I felt invested in the movie because 1) it was made in Texas, 2) it stars lots of cool actors from shows that I adore and 3) I was able to design our Get Out cover for the week promoting the show.

I love designing Get Out because it gives me a chance to spread my creative wings and really put something together that's fun and engaging. I thought the final cover came out pretty well, but I had no idea how much "Searching for Sonny" director Andrew Disney would fangirl over it, basically making him my best friend.

In a surreal moment that I will forever remember, Disney mentioned during his Q&A session how much he liked and appreciated the Get Out cover to the audience. I sat quietly, thinking to myself what a nice thing that was for him to say. My friend, and Advocate Web Editor, Jessica Puente however grabbed my hand, stuck it high in the air and announced "LOUIE DID IT" as Advocate Editor, Chris Cobler, (who was sitting right behind me) pointed and nodded emphatically as well.

I could have died. I shrank in my seat in embarrassment, before Disney pointed to me and again said how cool he thought the cover was and that he thought he recognized me from my facebook profile (further proof of our BFF status obviously).

This man (aka my BFF), who spent the last five years and untold amounts of money putting together this great film was actually sincere in his compliment. It's crazy to think that I was experiencing such giddiness from watching his awesome movie, and there he was, telling me how happy he felt over my little cover. Like I said, surreal.

Jessica and I invited Disney out for drinks that night, but the director told us he was going to have an early night. The next day, however, he tweeted at me about the cover:


So you see? He's gonna put a frame on it, like Beyonce wanted Jay-Z to put a ring on it. We're officially best friends.