Blogs » Man About Town » Chris Christie got me thinking, is there really an us and them?


I'm hardly a political expert on anything, but the words New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said during his keynote speech on Tuesday at the Republican National Convention struck a chord with me. Not because I agree or disagree with his politics (I probably don't know enough about his politics to make an informed choice), but more because what he said reminded me of how easy it is for the world to be so easily divided between the "us" and "them."

About halfway into his speech Christie bounced back and forth in a long "us" versus "them" argument between Republicans and Democrats. We believe this, he said. They believe that.

And while I think it's important to make clear to voters what you stand and believe in, this kind of divisive rhetoric makes me feel, in general, kind of gross.

Why does wanting what's best for our country always have to come down to an us versus them argument?

John Green, one of my favorite authors who also has made a name for himself on the internet, made a video a very long while back where he said something that has stayed with me, which I think applies here:

"There is no them, there are only facets of us," he said.

And he's absolutely right. He, specifically, is talking on a more human level, but it also applies to us as Americans. Every four years we split up the country into red and blue states and turn up our noses to anyone who decides to label themselves as anything but your preferred political party, further ingraining this "us" versus "them" mentality that defies the truth.

And what is the truth? We, as intelligent and diverse peoples, defy the simplicity of just being another "us" or "them."

You can see and read Chris Christie's entire speech here.