Blogs » Man Bites Dog » The state of America's fathers from Andy Griffith to Peter Griffin


The image of America’s fathers has seen better days. We’ve gone from icons to buffoons, Cliff Huxtable to Homer Simpson, Andy Griffith to Peter Griffin. And it’s not showing signs of improvement.

A recent column in Dallas Morning News written by First-Time Father Michael Landauer takes offense at the downgrade of dad. With a baby on the way, he sees men involved in their families through more than just coaching sports.

“I’ve seen them on the mommy blogs; I’ve seen them in the birthing classes; I’ve seen them with the strollers in grocery stores and at parks — all alone, no safety nets even,” Landauer writes.

If on Mother’s Day, the goal is to pamper mom, why is Father’s Day about leaving dad alone, he asks.

“Doesn’t it make sense, then, that we change the way we celebrate Father’s Day?” he writes. “Break the mold for the modern dad. Maybe he doesn’t need a major Olympics ad campaign to give him credit, but he deserves more than what our popular culture is dishing out.”

With Father’s Day around the corner, Victoria Advocate wants to feature a local dad who rises above the stereotypes. If you or a dad you know is stern but loving, wise but humorous, teaches his children about love, success, failure, personal responsibility, the value of a dollar, and what not to wear, please contact me at or 361-580-6515.