Blogs » Man Bites Dog » The "Big Picture" of park planning -- Victoria and bike lanes?


Last week, the city unveiled its multi-million dollar park plan.

Victorians want to be outdoors and we’ve seen that with the completion of the 2007 bond package that funded a new sporting complex. While this new plan includes a dog park, water park and other expansions, it also addresses Victoria and Texas’ growing transportation issues -- high gas prices and traffic.

Under the new plan, the city will add about five miles of interconnecting hike and bike trails to its existing six miles of routes.

“The future is, we need to become a more bike-friendly community,” Parks Director Doug Cochran said.

Cochran said the projects call for building trails on the north outfall, from the mall to Highway 87; on the west outfall, which would connect Vine Street with Riverside Park; and nature trails at Lone Tree Creek Park.

He said he wants to see more pedestrian and bike routes connecting Victoria’s schools.

Given the city's size and projected growth, by national standards we should have about 30 miles of trails, he said. Although the Parks 2025 Master Plan doesn’t quite get us there, it’s a step in the right direction, he said.

As the city continues growing, it will be interesting to see how on-board the city council is with hike/bike paths -- and the larger issue of making the city more accessible to all residents, not just motorists.