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Texas Tribune rounded up the cost-per-vote of all contested state office races.

For Victoria's District 30, the Republican incumbent, Geanie W. Morrison, took the win over Alex Hernandez Jr.

According to the Tribune's posting, Morrison raised $122,656.28. For her 38,287 votes, that means she spent $3.20 on each vote.

Compare that to Hernandez' $10,771,72 disbursements, and you'll see he spent 61-cents for each of his 17,740 votes.

But who spent the most in Texas?

The Republican candidate for Texas House District 121 (San Antonio), Joe Straus, spent $63,67 for each of his 50,508 votes.

But the candidate with the most votes, Don Willett, who ran on the Republican ticket for Justice of District 2, spent $0, but received 4,758,663, according to the Tribune.

Check the full report here.

As a bonus, the Tribune also calculated the Federal races.

Blake Farenthold, who won U.S. Congress for our District 27, spent $8.42 per vote.
Democratic candidate Rose Meza Harrizon spent $3.12. Independent candidate Bret Baldwin spent .71-cents per vote and Libertarian candidate Corrie Byrd spent no money on his 3,208 votes.

For all the votes in U.S. District 27, the four candidates spent $1.28 million.