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The next time you are in your local music store take a good look around. The whole place is designed to get you to buy something (no big suprise, although you would have to admit some of the subtle ways they do so is pure genius on the floor planner's part).

Perhaps the most interesting thing about a music store is their "Top Seller display". Different stores call them different things... "Hit Walls" "Top 20" etc... but did you know that the way the artists are selected to be on the display has nothing to do with the public's sales at all? Those spots are up for bidding by the record companies who are backing certain artists... Years of working in a music store has taught me that if you are to stray from the desgnated floor plan the head office has dictated with the big boys in Warner, RCA, and Sony... you will hear about it from your local district manager.

If you want an unbiased top seller list... look at Billboard magazine.