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I just saw the new movie trailer for "Walk The Line". It's a movie about Johnny Cash. I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

I have a special place in my heart for the man. He has chronicled my life without ever knowing me. During my outlaw years, I became (or so I like to imagine...) the people in his songs. During my years of traveling with a band (we're still out there), his road songs were up and on the stereo. Every time a girlfriend left my life for good, well, he had a song for that too... One of the happiest moments I remember sharing with my wife was making her a Johnny Cash compilation CD... and it carries on too... because my 5 year old step daughter likes the man so much, we named her rabbit Johnny Cash.

I am hard pressed to find a favorite song by him... my best attempt at this was in fact to make a compilation CD of my favorite songs, which proved difficult because he had so many moods.

There is no moral or lesson in this post, just that on November 18th, you can find me with my pre ordered ticket in hand jumping like I was on the opening day of Star Wars. And finally, all the other people who have never understood will be able to see how a rockabilly country singer was more rock and roll than most bands put together.

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