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The Nowhere Heroes are a punk rock band out of Shiner Texas. They are a great bunch of kids all around high school age. They have played all over Texas, and tomorrow night, in a small humble venue, they will play their last show.

I guess they will pass on with the rest of garage and punk rock bands that start and dissolve over the years in our local area. They will have their fliers and demo CD’s left behind as proof they existed. I find this both sad
and exciting. The band is going on to better things. The majority are already starting a new band, except the drummer, Allyn, who is leaving to college away from this town. (A noble reason to leave, knowledge and living
experience will make him a better musician)

I’ve known the Nowhere Heroes for a little over a year now. I met them when
they opened up for my band in a local show here in Victoria. I was impressed
with them from the start. They played an aggressive 3 chord sing a long manner that won over that crowd of hooligans in seconds. Within the first song, people were already singing the chorus of a song they had never heard.
If you think that is a simple feat... think again. This was not some simple
cover band that plays other people’s songs, this is a group of kids that took their angst, and personal experiences and wrote some very catchy tunes.

The Heroes have payed their dues, they have played a few good shows, but mostly a lot of disappointing ones, with low turnouts and poor audience
attitudes. That’s the way it should be when you’re starting out. It has kept
them humble and hungry to keep going. Their music is beautiful in it’s own
right, it is not popular in any sense of the word, but I find the constant
chaos of chords and yells to be in perfect harmony with the subject matter
of the songs.

A lot of people (who never bothered to listen to the music) say that punk rock is “just noise” or an annoyance. Some have even gone as far as blaming music to the delinquency of children. I find the story of the Nowhere Heroes to be proof that good comes out of any music. Here, you have 4 kids, bored to death in a town with nothing to do. Instead of the usual things kids in a small town do (use your imagination), they practice. They are spreading their musical message to people who never got to hear it otherwise. (thanks to the internet, I’m sure they reached more people than we’ll ever really know). I don’t see the end of the band as a bad thing at all. It is a victory. They can all grow as people, become a great band, and I’ll be able to say that back in 2005, I saw Juan, Brea, Billie and Allyn play in a little club one day.

Break a leg tomorrow guys…

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