Blogs » Business Notebook » To Netflix, or not to Netflix? That is (apparently) the question.



It swooped in years ago, changing the way we rent movies and shaking rental stores to their very core.

It won awards. No. 1 online retailer in 2007, the Customers First award that same year and so on.

It's Netflix. But recent news indicates the company might want to re-evaluate its business plan.

The video service, which allows people to rent movies through the mail and on demand, recently upped its prices, apparently expecting its loyal customers to remain ... well ... loyal. It appears that isn't the case, however.

A Market Watch article reports the company recently downgraded its estimated number of subscribers from 25 million to 24 million.

Why the drop? The article cites the increased prices and upped competition for the change.

What do you think? I know plenty of people who still use the service, but know that, when times are tough, any price hike can make it that much harder to make ends meet.

Do you use Netflix? What do you see in the company's future?

And psst - book lovers! Heard that Amazon might launch a Netflix-type service for ebooks? How do you feel about that? Some people I've talked to think it's a great idea. Others think that's what libraries are for.

Anyway, weigh in. I'd like to know what you think.