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You might remember a couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about the food truck trend finding its home in Victoria. And,while these trucks surely are setting up temporary sites around town and offering up their goods, they aren't the only ones making their way to the Crossroads.

18-wheelers are on the rise, too.

With the region's ongoing oil and gas boom, sources tell me demand is up for CDL truck drivers.

Schneider National is opening a Victoria office and is hiring for numerous positions. Workforce Solutions of the Golden Crescent has more than 280 job openings available. Victoria College truck driving courses are filling up fast.

In other words, things are getting busy. And, while I've talked to several people already for the story, I'd like to speak to more.

Are you training to become a commercial truck driver in the Crossroads or have you been impacted by the increase? Or, are you a longtime driver who's seen the industry climate change with time? If so, get in touch with me! You can respond to this blog, call 361-580-6511 or e-mail