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Attention, blogosphere: forget what Mommy and Daddy told you growing up.

Well, OK. Not all of it. The not playing in traffic, the warning not to eat yellow snow, those are OK. Really, just ignore one key thing they probably told you time and again.

That they didn't prefer one kid over another.

The truth is, parents play favorites. At least, that's what Jeffrey Kluger said in his new book, "The Sibling Effect: What Bonds Among Brothers and Sisters Reveal About Us."

But, before you do anything drastic, you should know it isn't their fault. It's simple human nature.

In a video Time posted, Kluger says oldest children are often favored. He compared it to a business model of "sunk costs", saying the parents have already invested much time and money into the first-born. By the time numero dos comes around, his older sibling is already a more complete product.

The youngest child, on the other hand, is often favorited, too. This, he says, is because they are the smallest and most vulnerable and require that extra care and attention.

As for the middle kid? He doesn't say. I guess that doesn't bode well ...

But, as he emphasizes time and again in the video, don't blame Mom and Dad. They simply can't help it. It's basic human instinct.

So, what do you think? Does this reaffirm the beliefs you've had since childhood, or is it pure drivel? I'm the oldest of three and, while I honestly don't believe my parents played favorites (I never did get that pony I wanted ...) Kluger's theory plays in my favor.

Anyway, it's something to think about.