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With just a couple of months before the first Iowa primary

it will be every word magnified and ever mistake exploited.


So far in the GOP debates we found out Tom Tancredo,Sam

Brownback, and Mike Huckabee raised their hands indicating

they did not believe in evolution. Lately they have been trying

to out do each other on ideology. One more conservative than

the other. Poor Ron Paul, he looks like the sensible one in that crowd

but seems to be the punching bag for the other candidates. Mr. Paul’s

Anti-Iraq war stance seems to be the cause. While the other candidates

try to out Jack Bauer each other (I will torture them more) and Mitt

Romney plans to expand Gitmo.Mr. Paul continues to lecture them

on the errors of their ways.


The Democrats were a family gathering until Tuesday night then the

knives came out against the front runner Hillary Clinton. Bill Richardson

took up for Hillary, with eyes on that VP spot I bet. Two funny things

came out of that debate. The first Joe Biden’s take on Rudy “He is the most

under qualified candidate since George Bush “( sic) but the line I laughed

about was “that the former New York mayor had only one sentence: "a noun and a verb and 9/11”. Then the debate ended with Dennis Kucinich saying he that he

had seen a UFO.