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Its open season on Hillary, as it should be because she is the frontrunner. The right says take it like a man Hillary, as Sean Hannity likes to say “If she cannot deal with a primary crisis how can she be commander-in chief”. (sic) purely exaggerated as usual on Mr. Hannity’s part.

On the hand many women ( 60% of primary Democratic voters) might identify with Hillary saying “ I have been in that position many times”.

Now she is that position because she gave a confusing answer to

Tim Russert’s question as to whether she supports New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s proposal to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. She tried to be evasive but this

gave the needed ammo to her opponents but not for her yes answer but for non decisive answer. Barack Obama,John Edwards, and Bill Richardson support Mr. Spitzer. Now is after knowing that 72% of New Yorkers are against the proposal. All in all ,this questions had conditions and could not be answered intelligently with a yes or no answer. As a guest on Hannity & Colmes last night Bill Bennett said her yes answer would hurt her in the general election. He went on to say that Independents would turn away from her just on that statement.  Hello Bill the Independents would look at 160,000 troops still in Iraq before considering her siding with the governor.

Bill Bennet said the undocumented workers could buy guns with the drivers license but that is false. Not for Federal Use will be stamped on the card.

Chris Matthews thinks the GOP will use her stance on this issue because they know the hateful rhetoric used by their members has alienated the Hispanic vote so might as well try to get all those members.