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Obviously that is a rhetorical question.

Watching the GOP debates you could come away with several different answers as each candidate tried to out do each other on conservative principals.

I ran across an article yesterday, and I will try to summarize the authors thoughts and sprinkle in some of my own. This is the link to the article.


Personally I do not think any ideology is instant credibility as a lot of posters seem to think. How many times have you heard “ I am a conservative” and left thinking so.

IMO conservatives fall into four categories’ and sometimes they cross.

(1)Social conservative….the one that makes the most noise abortion, gay rights etc.

(2)Fiscal conservatives …those that left the GOP because of the economic polices

     of George W. Bush.

(3)Defense conservatives …those that believe in a limited government but a strong

     defense no matter what the cost.

(4) Neoconservatives…these are the dangerous ones that have a firm belief that

      Democratizing the world with our military is in our own best interest.

The article

The author stated that Bush’s war of choice, expanding the the powers of the executive Branch, torture, and warrentless wiretapping represented a radical departure from the principles of American conservatism.

Conservative ideals are laudable but they somehow think they have ownership of morality, freedom, and strength. They have trouble when they try to base a government on ideals alone. They forget this country is a diverse country. Those three examples may mean something else to others.

Coverservatives need to learn the meaning of compromise for the common good without giving up their principals.

The “free market” has been given a bad name when you have no bid contracts it amounts to a rigged game. Donate to my party in lieu of a no bid contract.

The Republicans that voted against the Civil Rights Act aligned this party with the south. Proof of that came in the November 2006 when only one congressional seat was won in the northeast. Howard Dean was right in the south it is about the three “Gs” God, guns, and gays but they have now added illegal immigrants.  This will change because younger voters are moving to the left on these issues.


I agree with this author that the old labels like “liberal” and “conservative “ mean less and less in this world of capitalism. Example what label describes globalization or protecting the homeland?

My questions. If the so called conservatives hate government, why are they running? If we keep cutting taxes, who will pay to repair the infrastructures?

That’s enough for this week end .