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I don't know if last night's GOP presidential debate in Arizona was the 22nd or the 122nd, but it had to be devastating for those wanting an important debate on the issues. It was a debate of silliness, pandering, and grown men giving themselves the thumbs up as if they said something clever. Perhaps it was because they were all sitting and too relaxed. The candidates would have been at home if the debate had been held at any elementary schoolyard. It's a shame because all four candidates have held a responsible public office.

This was supposed to be an important debate for Mitt Romney because the polls showed that Rick Santorum had the momentum in the upcoming primaries. I expected Santorum to go on offense, but instead he spent all night defending votes and principals just to be a team player. It's the reason longtime senators never become president. There are so many riders, amendments and brokered deals that go down with every piece of legislation, it's impossible to remain a purist. It was clear to me that Romney won the debate, and Newt Gingrich came in a close second because he was a happy warrior with no chance of regaining his frontrunner status, unless Santorum stumbled. Ron Paul did his bit for Mitt Romney, by continuing his attack on Rick Santorum for being a fake conservative. Enough with the "not conservative enough" there's about 25 made-up versions, merge as many as you like, and move on. That's hurting Mitt and Rick; die hard values 10 years ago are considered the unthinkable moderate views of today. A pundit said that they spent 20 minutes arguing about earmarks. Earmarks are less than 1% of the budget and every legislator, governor or president has benefited from them, regardless of political party.

When CNN's John King presented a question about the candidate's views on contraception, the partisan Republican crowd responded with loud boos, and the candidates responded accordingly. Now wait a minute, if the candidates are allowed to go on the stump speech and hurl charges of religious persecution against the president, then they should be able to back up their rhetoric on the national stage. It allowed Newt Gingrich to use his usual inflammatory tone to say, "You did not once during the 2008 campaign ask why Barack Obama voted in favor of legalizing infanticide." This is the same Newt that got angry when John King asked him about his ex-wife's testimony about his views on open marriage. That's the reason I want Rick Santorum to win the GOP nomination. Let's get all the social issues on the table and let the voters decide.

This morning, I heard Senator Kristen Gellibrand (D-NY) say, “if women controlled 51% of Congress, we wouldn't be having a discussion on contraception, but instead we would be focusing on the economy." She said that women would rather be left alone to make their own decisions on women's health issues; amen to that!

The issue that scares me the most is the constant drumbeats for war by three Republican candidates and the lone dissenter wanting to ignore the issue. Last night Ron Paul said that we had no evidence that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon, but that's just not true. Gingrich, Santorum and Romney are saying that Obama is too soft on Iran; simply do not know what they are talking about. The sanctions our country has put on Iran are as severe as any that has ever been imposed on a country, which we were never officially at war with. The answer is; there no easy answers and those who continually espouse" America exceptionalism” usually have strings attached. Mitt Romney practically guaranteed that Iran would get a nuclear weapon if Obama gets reelected. Mr. Romney does not have any faith in our country, unless he's at the helm.

They could've bypassed the economics' segment, and they pretty much did because their tax proposals would balloon the extraordinary debt we currently have and Ron Paul's one trillion dollar cut in his first year would send us back into recession. Romney and Santorum tried to make the success of GM sound like an economic failure, but it's only a failure in the eyes of those who believe in supply-side economics.

Hopefully, this will be the last debate because the results of Michigan might eliminate Romney. It would then be followed by Super Tuesday when several states are voting, and the fate of Santorum and Gingrich will be at stake. I don't look for Ron Paul to drop out because he's in it to acquire delegates, as some kind of leverage. Then again, I can't see the GOP picking up the tab for a Paul-Romney debate. I can't see any network wanting to cover it.