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There's always some level of mistrust, whether it be PTA meetings or for the parent of an inspiring little leaguer who thinks the manager is not doing enough to highlight Junior's talent. We see glimpses of that every day, the City Council can announce a project, and it won't be long before someone says that it cost too much or it's on the wrong side of town. It's always about a message of" trust me. I can do it better," and the cycle will continue when that person has the authority to make decisions. All that is human nature, but some like to stir the pot and take it to the next level.

I was taken aback when Rick Santorum called the president a "snob" for trying to inspire young folks to get an education, whether it be a college degree, a trade school diploma or as an apprentice at the local factory. Mr. Santorum knows better. His children all went to college, but he was playing to a base that wanted some red meat. Rick Santorum went further in saying that Obama is trying to make college students into his image. Whether you like him are not, President Obama is a successful man. I believe Rick was trying to say the college students are being indoctrinated into a liberal mindset by liberal professors. He's playing to a fear that Christianity and conservatism will no longer have the standing in our society that it once had. I think that has more to do with results than indoctrination.

When President Obama was elected with 69 million votes, I saw thousands of people laughing and crying and overjoyed, but it wasn't long before we started seeing the mistrust. The Tea Party ,which supposedly was started after the Bush bailout of Wall Street didn't get the publicity until it was seen as anti- Obama. The town-hall meeting where the young lady was heard crying and saying," I want my country back" was the rallying cry for the mistrust of government. It didn't matter that most of those protesting were on government-run health Care. Then came the "Birthers," Tenthers, Oath Keepers and other militia types who were all welcomed in this era of mistrust.

The associate director of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, Richard Doerflinger, helped write the bill for Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) that placed tight restrictions on insurance coverage of abortion. Now it's the very same Richard Doerfliger, who is counseling the bishops and making their dispute with HHS as an attack on religion. Today, Mr. Stupak thinks he was betrayed because he thinks Mr. Doerflinger has aligned the bishops with right-wing groups like Focus on the Family, and The National Right to Life Committee" to defeat the Affordable Health Care Act. Even the trusted clergy will use the words of religious persecution, forced, tyranny and any other words to get the upper hand in the compromise they will eventually reach.

Every campaign will have the opposition saying that the incumbent doesn't deserve another four years, blah, and blah; blah but sometimes their words have consequences. It doesn't take much to spook the Wall Street speculators in their bid for oil price stocks; this constant drumbeat for war with Iran and will not help bring down gas prices.

The pundits are saying that tonight is, "make or break" for Mitt Romney because he has to win his home state of Michigan (Romney has about four home states), and if he loses, the GOP Power brokers will panic and will start begging for someone else to run. Mitt Romney is poised to take Arizona but Michigan is up for grabs. I saw some really interesting polls of the 12 battle ground states where Obama had a commanding lead over Romney and Santorum because Gingrich and Paul were just swapping last place finishes. It will be interesting how all this pans out because it's still early where polls don't really mean much, but they do give valuable information to the candidates. I still think it's going to be a close election with Obama prevailing...:-)... I heard an interesting theory, this morning, but it all had to do with Romney or Santorum losing. If Romney were to lose the Obama; the GOP would move further to the right (their toes are on the line now) and if Santorum where to lose to Obama; the establishment Republicans would take over the party. The latest strategy I heard was if Romney loses Michigan, Marco Rubio and others like Jeb Bush will make a public endorsement for Mitt Romney. I almost choked when I heard Andea Mitchell say that it could be a Huckabee/Palin ticket if it went to the convention in August. Don’t tease me like that.

I will close with an example of the difference we might have which should not lead to blows. The Obama administration used taxpayer money to bailout GMC and Chrysler because not one single private market company stepped forward and this was a once in a lifetime gamble that worked. We could argue on the merits all day long but it's not worthy of fisticuffs. When people start talking of an armed revolution, step away because I do not want to live in a country that wants to use an ammo box instead of the ballot box, to settle a difference of opinion. They will use the same tactic on the people they put in office because it's always about what they want.