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I've been interested in the Trayvon Martin case for about a couple weeks now. It's intriguing and bits and pieces are being leaked to the press every day. The leaks are not that unusual because in high profile cases such as this one, those involved wants to get their story out there and the media is more than happy to accommodate them. Most of the media outlets are doing it in a profession way.

We know that it happened on a rainy night on February 26th and apparently there were several eyewitnesses who are now being grilled every day. We also know that that Trayvon was not armed and that George Zimmerman admitted that he fatally shot the 17- year old. This is one of the places when things beginning to get fuzzy. At first we were told that George Zimmerman was not arrested but according to videotape provided by ABC News, he was shown in handcuffs being escorted into the police station where they supposedly got his testimony. He was definitely detained and questioned. I don't know if he was checked for powder residue but the original police report said he was treated for a head wound and a bloody nose but it was not clear where it was administered. There are reports that the police are saying that he was treated in the police car. He was not admitted to the local emergency room nor was his clothing and weapon confiscated. As I understand gun residue on Zimmerman's clothes would indicate a close range shooting and it might help him in his claim of self-defense. No gun residue would make it much harder for George Zimmerman to prove his case.If there was a scuffle off the payment ;then it's highly likely that their clothes would be wet and smeared with grass stains.

The police say they have enough evidence to warrant the action they took but they are keeping tight lipped except for the favorable evidence they leaked to the press. The 9/11 tapes will be analyzed, the eyewitnesses will be scrutinized, cell phone records should time stamp and divulge the actual conversation between Trayvon and his girlfriend shortly before the incident. There's also the coroner's report that will show the extent of wounds to Trayvon's knuckles showing how much a defense he put up shortly before he was killed. The most damaging report may come from Sanford police detective Chris Serino because he didn't believe Zimmerman's claim of self defense and recommended that Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter, but the state attorney’s office didn't think there was enough evidence.

I still don't know how George Zimmerman was allowed to carry a concealed weapon after he assaulted a police officer in 2005. Florida laws must be pretty slack or Mr. Zimmerman had some pull. His police records go to temperament and the 46 calls he's made to 9/11 merit some attention.

I'm able to put all the noise aside such as the protesters, the pundits, and posters wanting to make this incident strictly about race or President Obama. The other night I saw someone complaining about the picture of Mr. Zimmerman that the media used; he said it made him look guilty. Really, the defense (if he gets charged) will dress him in a suit and tie to paint a different picture for the jury. I'm not denying that it has some racial elements but that's not what intrigues me. I'm more interested in the twist and turns this case is taking.

Some people can turn their attention to something else and be perfectly satisfied with waiting until the investigation is complete and the results of the trial are in. I'm an interested spectator who will follow this case closely and we'll probably learn something about the law along the way. I'm not denying that I've seen enough to form an opinion but that's not to say I won't be proven wrong..It won't be the first time.