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I'm not going to pretend that I know all the detains of President Obama's reason to support gay marriage, but I've heard and read enough to come to a pretty good conclusion. As I stated, I'm not sure about the timing or the events leading to President Obama's historic statement. Vice President Biden taped the "Meet the Press" moment where he said he was for gay marriage on a Friday before it was aired this past Sunday. The very next-day Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, said on MSNBC that he supported gay marriage, so that may have laid the ground work for the president’s interview with ABC... The president made up his mind several months ago, as he said during the interview because the Democrats want to add a marriage equality amendment to their platform before their convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 3 of this year. They couldn't add that amendment if the leader of the party was against it or still evolving. It would really surprise me if the Chicago political machine didn't know how to dot the "i's" and cross the "t's' before making the decision to support gay marriage. This was poll tested, but I'll get back to that later.

According to what I saw during the 2008 election, children and grand-children's opinions are weighed heavily by voters, and the president is no exception when it comes to civil rights. As the president said during the interview, he couldn't tell his daughter's that their friends' parents shouldn't have the same rights as other human beings? I'm pretty sure that Michelle and President Obama's children's opinions had a lot to do with his decision. I know I don't want my grandchildren to think that I'm a bigot.

It's not the role of the Federal government or the president to interfere with marriages. That's why I still believe DOMA will be overturned by the Supreme Court. A constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage comes under the same realm. The president can issue an executive order that would ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation against Federal contractors.

There was and still is a concern Karl Rowe and company will use this to go after state and national candidates in a contested conservative district and in swing states like Virginia and North Carolina. On the other side, only five states will have a gay-marriage amendment or pending referendum in November, but they are all considered blue states. It’s early but Republicans have not made any political hay out of it yet, and Mitt Romney's answers to Obama's remarks were pretty civil. The election is still six months away, so I don't think this issue will have an impact. Single issue voters would not have voted for the president anyway.

Why did the president grant the interview and why yesterday? It's like a big test that you been cramming for but it never seems like you're confident that you have studied enough to make that A+.That's where the president was. According to what I just heard about an hour ago on MSNBC; the president still had some issues to work out but Joe Biden's remarks on "Meet the Press" preempted all that. The president wasn't angry with Mr. Biden because they are partners. If the president listened to Biden, he would not have sent the 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. They have a great relationship.

This issue always brings out biblical scriptures, but this issue is about whether a gay couple who has been married 25 years can visit their partner who's fighting for his life in intensive care. It's about whether it's right for me to use my wife as an exemption on my tax return but not so for a gay couple to use theirs, in a state that bans same sex marriage. This is a state issue (if that) but is marriage equality something that we can put on a ballot? If that's the case how can the minority ever protect itself from the majority? Our constitution provides for our liberty in the 13th and 14th amendment.

I'm going to tell you this, but you have to keep it a secret because this is just for Democrats and liberals. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party has been upset with the president, because he did not support the public option, extended the Bush tax cuts, and was seen as cowering to his Republican opponents. After the 2010 elections, the president finally realized that there was no compromise to be had from his opponents because their mission was to make him a one-term president. President Obama then went on offense, much to the delight of his base. I was not surprised by his words yesterday because I've kept up with the legislation his administration supported that favored the gay community. President Clinton gave us "don't ask don't tell" and President Obama repealed it. President Clinton gave us DOMA, and President Obama said that his Justice Dept would no longer defend it, in a court of law. The tea leaves were laid out of the table for all to see in the last three years but for some it took the ABC interview for them to get all excited.

Democrats have the most enthusiastic voters right but hat can change if they feel their candidate is not on their side.