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If there were evidence of rampant election fraud, then both parties should sit down and work out a solution; not just GOP legislators and governors trying to enhance their chances of winning. The issue is not just about the voter ID. It's about the cost, what will be accepted, and availability. Voters have already shown proof of who they are, when they registered to vote; it wasn’t a matter of just signing your name.

It’s never been about pulling out your ID being an everyday occurrence because if it was, I would feel left out. In fact, about every six months or so, I have to take out my license because it gets stuck to the protective cover in my wallet. The only time I show my driver’s license is when I go to new doctor or medical facilities or update my records. It could just be my honest face.

I’m all for a national ID card, but I can just hear the outcry from libertarians by the sheer mention of it. There is no statistical data that shows rampant voter fraud. If legislators want to enact" ounce of prevention" laws, they should be aware that the right to vote should never be infringed.

Since the new voter ID is the law, I suggest we look at the mail-in voting process because they don’t have to show identification. That’s where the little voter fraud we have occurs the most. “The state Attorney General's office in Texas has charged a number of people over the last few years with mail-in ballot fraud, sending some to jail and taking plea bargains on others. Most of this activity has been occurring in South Texas, where generations of legal get-out-the-vote activity have turned into illegal vote harvesting.”

Texas is a conservative state and has control of all the branches of government, so they can pass whatever they want but that doesn’t mean that one cannot see through all the political gimmickry. I go by “to the victor goes the spoils.” But I have the following suggestions.

1.....Slowly phase in the measure giving everyone a chance to work out the kinks such as affordability, availability and a verification process.

2..... Make sure that the goal is to encourage voters not the opposite.

3..... Simplify the process and open up more voting places such as the Wal-Marts, the workplace, malls or post office.

4...... Extend the hours and then make voting available on Saturdays.

5..... We could discuss putting bar codes on the tamper-proof driver's license and allow that information to be tied in with the Social Security database. We should also accept pictured student IDs and other types of identification.