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Hey kids...pssst, kids. The next time you have to do a boring history report about a famous past Victorian, pick Popeye (the Sailor Man...not the chicken dude) and throw your teachers through a loop.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, through my impressive journalistic skills of being able to open an e-mail, I found out that Popeye got his start in the Victoria Advocate. Seriously. I have a link to prove it!

( Link to prove it ).

Created by cartoonist Elzie Crisler Segar (who was born in Illinois) Popeye wasn't officially "born" until the Advocate was the first newspaper to run Segar's comic strip on Jan. 17, 1929.


Segar himself even acknowledged Victoria as Popeye's hometown in a special cartoon he drew for the paper for their 1934 anniversary edition.

According to the Handbook of Texas Online, Speaking to the newspaper's editor through Popeye, Segar wrote, "Please assept me hearties bes' wishes an' felitcitations on account of yer paper's 88th Anniversity....Victoria is me ol' home town on account of tha's where I got born'd at."

So happy belated birthday, sailor man! Your hometown salutes you!

(P.S. Unfortunately, we still hate spinach).