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I can't listen to the news without hearing some new controversy about Arizona's SB1070. I don't get it. If I get stopped driving the 1000 miles a week I drive, the officer asks for my ID. If I am involved/witness some incident, the police ask for my ID. I voted in the primary elections and was asked for my voter registration card or my ID. If I have any dealings with a governmental agency, I am asked for my ID. If I board an airline with a ticket, I am asked for my ID. Is this discrimination or profiling of people of a Prussian/German decent? I think not. Best I can tell, SB1070 really has few teeth and probably is not have much of an effect on the issue at hand. 60 Minutes did an expose last Sunday on an irrigation canal that has become a death trap for Illegal Aliens and the Irrigation District is made out to be the bad guys? Come on!!!

We really are a nation of immigrants. I have nothing against Legal immigrants. I think Dennis Miller said it best, "I think Mexican people are great, but damn, sign the guest book." We need to solve the problem. The system is broken. There is way too much red tape involved in the Legal immigration process. Sure, we need all the necessary background checks, etc.; but having the process take years is a major part of the problem. It has been said that the administration of guest worker programs are not feasible. What? With today's technology you can download a book from in minutes; Fed Ex can track packages all over the nation; are you telling me the genuis' in Washington can't figure out how to track guest workers? Again, come on.

I stand on my position from an earlier blog(see 10/20/09: Control Illegal Immigration or Not.). We need to decide if we want to control the flow from the borders or not. If we do, develop a reasonable process, if not, shut up and pay the price.