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With all the recent coverage of Donald Trump's speculation and inquiry into President Obama's birth certificate and educational achievements, his comments and appearances have caused something to dawn on me. While I am not an Obama supporter, I think the "flap" over the President's citizenship status and academic prowess is kind of silly. It seems that Mr. Trump may have "taken the bait" from the Obama camp, and allowed the focus to be shifted from the more important issues(the economy, gas prices, health care, tax reform, etc.) we face to the "birther" controversy and in the process neutralized the Republican and/or the Tea Party's message.

Having said that, I do find it refreshing to have a potential candidate directly answer questions, admit when he has changed his mind on an issue and present the parameters of his position directly. It seems that most all politicians(both parties) cannot find the ability to "speak their mind". In most of the past political races, when questions are asked of them there seems most often, no direct answer but rather a launching pad for their "talking points". They make me want to screamJUST ANSWER THE QUESTION. Let the voters hear and understand just "where you stand".

In my opinion with Trump, like him or not, agree or disagree, you most definitely have an understanding of his position. I am not sure if I can or will support him, but I think if he continues on the Presidential trail, the potential for some interesting debates is intriguing. This is of course assuming the "other politicos" have the courage to and are actually willing to 'face off" with him. I certainly hope they do.

What do you think?