Blogs » Rants by ZMan » Is the Sky Really Falling?


Is it just me or is ironic that when Mr. Obama and the Democratic Group wanted to increase taxes by "just" 4% it was no big deal but now that sequestration calls for budget cuts of a little over 2%, the "SKY IS FALLING"?

To us “regular” people the numbers being thrown around are mind boggling. $85.4 billion in cuts sounds staggering.....but in comparison to the budget of $3.803 trillion(with a T) it is just a little over 2 %( 2.2456%). Think about it…..2.25 cents on the Dollar. I just don't see this as the end of the world.

Will the cuts hurt, will we miss some services…. absolutely. I just think that the whole thing has become so political that our "leaders" are not letting a “good crisis go to waste.” If all the high powered intellectuals in the leadership can't figure out how to cut 2 cents on the dollar in the most painless way as opposed to the most painful, they are just not as smart as they think they are.

It seems that the leadership is going out of its way to publicize the terrible things that are going to happen to the country rather than attempting to be as efficient as possible in the budgeting process. In this economy, I think most of us have had to cut back more than 2% on our personal expenditures.

I think that, while painful, sequestration is probably a good start. What do you think?