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DJ Gloor isn't an average 16 year old. He's on the way up, and he's not following anyone's rules

At least that's what he told me Monday morning at the Edna McDonald's I met the native Edna resident (and his grandmother, Lupe Choy) for an early Mc-lunch at the restaurant.

His suave black, Brooklyn NETS cap-wearing style caught my eye. So did his lunch date, who he clearly seemed to be having fun with. You don't see too many young teenage men these days who aren't too cool to be out in public with Grandma.

"We don't do lunch often, but we decided to today," he said.

When I asked DJ about his life in Edna, I was surprised to learn that this teen had big plans for life.

About four months ago, DJ removed himself from Edna High School and elected to finish his education at home.

Using an Internet-based curriculum, DJ is homeschooling his way to graduation. And he's accelerated his program to graduate early.

At the end of the year, DJ will graduate, he said.

And as a 16 year old graduate, he plans to start his own Edna-based carpentry business. Now naturally, since I'm entirely inept at constructing anything, I was amazed at DJ's aspirations.

"I've been building things since I was 10 or 12 years old," he said. "I was building tables and putting things together since I was little kid."

Today, DJ said he can build pretty much anything -- buildings, signs, even furniture -- if he tries.

How many kids do you know these days who aspire to be carpenters? I mean, I know Jesus sort of rocked the profession in the first century, but since then, I have always assumed it's a dying profession - uh-hem, like some say about newspapers.

It's impressive, right? There aren't many years between 10 and 16, which means DJ has essentially taught himself carpentry skills in about six years. That's quite an accomplishment, I think.

He also expressed to me that he desires to enlist in the U.S. Army so he can go to college for an architecture degree.

So here's my round of applause for DJ. I applaud his go-get-em attitude and willingness to follow his dreams and talents.

If you're already this driven at 16, I can't wait to see what happens by the time you're 60. DJ also works part time at the Edna McDonald's. Go in sometime and tell him he's awesome!