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Hi Body of Christ,

 This is Stephen the CrossWalker. I apologize I have not kept my blog up here as often as I should. I hope you have been reading these entries though and it has strengthened your faith.

I wanted to tell you about my latest journey in Walking the Cross Mission W.H.A.T. You can also see some videos I shot on the way by going to youtube and putting my name in the search engine.Usually "Stephen Hope Walking Hope Across Texas" will bring up most of the videos.

 It seems whenever I have mentioned demons in a writing, it gets twice as many hits.

That is not the reason I do it though. I do it because we are in spiritual warfare and battling these unseen forces are a part of that warfare.

 If you really want the core of your hometown, or county to change, I urge those of you who  have a calling or are already prayer warriors to step out in your locality and get even more engaged in calling on the name of our Lord and using the authority. The name of Jesus is the most powerful name in this world, in fact scripture tells us that EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. This has not happened in its entirety yet, but the demons know Him and shudder at his name.

 When we go walking in our community for the specific purpose of praying for our community, we are embarking on a mission assignment from God. Have you ever read how many scriptures tell us to walk with God, walk in truth, walk in righteousness. Walk in love, and many more things. Do you think walking is just a metaphor? God does a work in us and for us and uses our walking to teach us.

 Flashback, Moses walked with God, Abraham walked with God, Israelites walked with God but mostly in disobedience. David walked with God, Elijah and Elisha walked with God, Then God the Father sent his Son to Walk among His people, Do you see the pattern here?

 I will tell you what God has done in my life as I walk with Him. I do mean literally walk too. Since May of 2008, I have walked over 2000 miles with a large wooden Cross on my shoulders. I have walked probably another 500 miles without the Cross but with my spiritual armor on as I prayed these things the Holy Spirit was showing me. Here are a few of them. Ask the Lord to remit the sins of the land you are walking on. You know what, I just want to pray right now and you will see what I mean. The Lord will guide you in your prayers if you have been abiding in Him.

 Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus of Nazareth i entreat you with my prayers, thank you for saving me and filling me with your Holy Spirit by the shed blood of Christ who died in my place. His blood purifies me of all sin, I stand before you asking you put my spiritual armor on and make me a vessel pure to speak the gospel to your creation.

 In Jesus mighty name, i ask for remission of sins for the land which has had bloodshed, travesties, disease, and outright frauds committed upon it. Please cleanse the land by your blood. There are demonic forces trying to command this land by instilling fear and dishonesty, and shedding of innocent blood. I speak by the authority of the name of Jesus and command those spirits which are not of you be bound and cast into outer darkness.

I thank you for revealing those who perpetrate wickedness and open doors for demons to come in, to be changed by being cleansed by his blood. If they will not change Lord, please sent your servants the authority of the badge to incarcerate the guilty until they repent.Thank you for moving people to call on you and worship you with Spirit and Truth. Thank you for hearing the prayers of those who have humbled themselves and coming with your Spirit to heal the land. May this land produce good things and be well taken care of in the Lord Jesus name. Amen!

Well my friend, pray something like that as you walk with God through your land that needs His healing. There have been several reports I have heard or read about with in a short time of those walking prayers, Major Drug Busts have taken place, Drought has been broken with massive amounts of rain. A peace that passes all understanding comes to the area, The grades of children in school come up on the average and not so many bully tactics are perpetuated. Lawmakers and officials are brought to justice when they have been doing underhanded schemes. Corruption in politics is revealed and someone in your locality will meet you and be happy and even supportive of the work you are doing with your prayers. Abide in the Lord, He is the Bread of Life!  God bless you!

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