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Although you may think that because you are not diabetic that you have no involvement you actually do. Yes we ask you to show support, we ask you to be an advocate, we ask you to donate (;p) but there is so much more that you can do.

Sometimes the general task of understanding and consideration is the greatest help in the world.

On a recent visit to a nice eating establishment, not just fast food, my mother and I had an encounter. The waitress took drink order and promptly reappeared with only one mistake. She could not remember which drink was diet and which was regular. When we asked her to redo the drinks and mark them she openly showed her frustration. This time when she brought the drinks back she gave us both diet. Being upset I asked to speak to the manager. When I explained that my mother is diabetic and her drink had to be diet the manager was apologetic but had a hint of "whats the big deal" all over. Needless to say we left and went somewhere else.

Many people who hear this story often ask me "why not just drink diet..its better for you". Because that's not the principle. The principle is that the waitress should respect what her customer ordered and done the job right. Sure, she felt it wasn't a big deal; but it was a big deal. It was a very big deal. However, we should not have to explain our situation every time we go somewhere to eat. We should not have to explain that "she is diabetic" starts to make people feel like a freak show.

The worst problems we have right now with restaurants is that they charge more or down right refuse to serve a child's meal to an adult. Many of us know that when you choose to control your diabetes with diet you cannot eat the larger portions that they serve adults. Instead, some of us order the child's portion because it is the correct size of what we need. What I have learned is that there are now places that do not allow the adults to order off of this menu or they charge extra if you do. Upon questioning this newly imposed way of operation I was told that adults that are cheap order off the kids menu.. hmmm or maybe they are diabetic. Is money still the only motivator? I am afraid so; and it seems that everybody is making a profit off of diabetics.. but that's in a later blog.

So to those that are not diabetic I say to you: Please be understanding and considerate. Do not baby us, don't give us a pity party; rather respect who we are and don't make us explain a million times.. "I'm diabetic"