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We are 1 month away (4weeks) from our walk .. and I cannot wait! As an event organizer you always want to do more than the previous year..and we do. Here are somethings to look forward to:

The walk itself- 3 miles (only 3!) The group as a whole does one lap around the track and then we all head out into the street. There will be a "water hole" set up at the 1.5 mile mark where you can take a quick break and refresh. Then we head back to the stadium!

The Health Fair- this is another great event with the theme of diabetes. There will be free glucose tests, free blood pressure checks and other groups out aimed at diabetes. We also have a raffle (tickets $1 or 6/$5) with great items ranging from free car wash->free movie tickets (participating businesses only). Not to mention a unique game of bingo!!

Dont forget the kids.. our seperate kids zone is fun and more fun! Also, get the little ones tested too..its never too early to find out!

All and all it is going to be a great day. I hope anyone who reads this wants to join us and is able to join us. Please feel free to contact me for any questions. Also, go to our website at

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