In my life there are people who hate America. Read before you reply..

In the next few weeks the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall will be in our location (not Victoria). In order to make this monument a reality there is a call for many volunteers. Naturally I signed up. I also took a moment to think our company should do the same (on a volunteer basis). So I asked some of my co-workers and well some were hesitant because it's hot outside, they cannot find a babysitter...but the excuse that blew me over was, "I hate America". Seriously? Yes, seriously. This co-worker went on to state that she hated everything about America and that is why she never celebrates Memorial Day, Veterans Day or the recent Parade of Heroes, which honors our wounded military. Really.

The reason why this statement of theirs offends me is that YOU CAME TO AMERICA. These individuals are not from America, they moved here of their own free will and make frequent trips back to their home country. I inquired, why stay if you HATE America..their reply, "oh this is where the money is".. R E A L L Y!?

Yes, this person has a job. Their children receive a free education. Their parents (also not from America) are on Medicaid/Medicare (yah, and my parents did not qualify even though they worked all of their lives). They live in a two story home, drive brand new cars (okay one is a 2011), and reap all the protection and consitiutional rights we natural born Americans have.. yet hate America.

No words can express how the voices of these individuals and their statements make me upset. If you do not want to wear patriotic colors to work to show support, fine; but to state you hate America?

America is like family. Sure we may make jokes about it, we may poke fun at something, we may even get mad at decsions made; but in the end, we are family. Is America perfect? No, but we try our best.

Last Friday we had a Parade of Heroes drive through town on their way to a wounded heroes hunting site. I used my lunch break to stand by roadside with my nephew. You could see them down the street, being led by a motorcycle crew, police escorts and the streets lined with people waving their flags and holding up signs. As they passed you saw the buses and vehicles driving these men/women to their desitination. My little nephew waved his heart out yelling "bye friend" (he's two). The whole time I thought, these soilders will never be the same. Their lives and their families lives will be changed permanetly forever...and I work with people who hate America.

Since those statements I have very few to say to these co-workers. We are now just co-workers.

I would like some feedback from anyone out there.