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So we have all been stressed before, right? I mean stressed to the max with the overload button blinking bright red? Well I have had that happen and when you tie in health factors you find yourself in a predicament; and it is dangerous. I was blessed to be in a very capable.facility when my attack happened, but it was still dangerous.

Does everyone know how someone looks when they have a panic attack? To the inexperienced eye there may not be anything noticeable until the more severe syptoms surface. For example, in my experience I tend to fan myself as it it creates more air for me to breath. Does a paper bag work, yes it does. It helps control your breathing. That is the most curable treatment, help control the breathing. If untreated the person's symptoms get worse; from hyper ventilation to uncontrolled shakes to seizures. In my case, all but the seizure, but I was in and out.

Now what does this have to do with diabetes. Well ever see the movie Steel Magnolia? Think of the scene where Julia Roberts character starts involuntarily shaking. Yep, that's what it feels like. You know its going to happen, you can feel that it is about to happen: your body is about to loose control and your diabetes has played a major role in the act. With me I was under pressure, but the fact that I was dangerously low had to do with it also.

Pressure messes with our mind. We all forget things or loose things. In my situation I was over medicated. Something that doesn't happen, ever up until that day, but pressures built up and days got mixed up. Like I said, I was very lucky to be in a safe spot when it happened.

A lot of us need to cut out the pressures in our life, including myself. It is a hard lesson thay I learned.

I would also like to hive a big thank you to the staff at Citizens Medical Center in Victoria. They did a great job noticing my symptoms and then rendering aid at a very fast pace. I wish I knew those involved, but I was out of it. I hope you get this thank you.

Remember everyone, remove pressure from your life. You will enjoy it better.