Raise your hand if you knew that November is Diabetic Awareness Month.. okay, you can put them down.

Yes ladies and gents November is Diabetic Awareness Month and we have a lot to be aware of. We all know the statics being thrown at us and the projections that are being handed out..but are we fully aware of what diabetics go through? This isn't a pity party, this is a reality check. Some people still believe that Diabetics are not dealing with a real disease. It may not be the worst disease ever, but it is a disease that has A LOT of tending and treatment.

For this month I challenge you to get to know how a diabetic lives. Now we are not specimens in a natural habitat..we are normal human beings that have a different routine than you. Get to know us before you say that our disease isn't real. Feel free to even ask me.

And of course I am still taking donations for our cause. You can do so online at