EC STEP OUT 2012 was great!!!!

We not only had beautiful weather that morning but we had an awesome turn out. We had fun and we had laughs. We had a great day all in all. It really was a site to see. The funny part was when the group from last year and I just kept going on and on about how many more people we had! It was a site for all!!

Did we accomplish what our goal was? YES! The point of our Step Out is to raise awareness about diabetes and to educate. To do this we offer free tests, such as blood pressure and glucose. We also have tons of information out there for people and we have people on spot to answer questions about no only the disease itself, but how and where they can go to learn more on how to treat it. As we all know, there is no cure for diabetes..just treatment options.

Our kids zone turned into a teen/young adult zone with sooo many older people wanting their face painted and trying to sneak into the moon walk. I can't blame them, I had my face painted as well..but it was more of a chat session with my good friend Brooke who has always been there. She does such an awesome job face painting!!

As I said, it was a great day. We have people already making plans for next year and I cant wait. If you missed it this year...put us on for next year!!

And of course you can make a donation to our cause anytime you want.. here's the link again :)