And of course I am going to have an opinion on today's story about Hastings. First of all, I do like Hastings, been there several times, and have enjoyed my experience. However I am highly disappointed in their recent decision to single out this young boy. The problem is not that they questioned his bag, I've worked in retail and we question bags. The problem I have is why when they clerk was informed about the contents they still insisted that he leave the bag. Really? Like I have said before, there are people who don't understand the seriousness about diabetes. His father said it perfectly, that bag is his life line. It's scary to think that after hearing about the importance of the bag that they would still insist that he give it up. Yes I do understand that there is a problem of people using bags to conceal merchandise for the intent to steal; but not everybody is a thief. I know that Hastings is in a hard situation right now, but this does go against this young mans rights. A diabetics supply bag is similar to a service animal or an oxygen is there for medical reasons. I am very user that this family had to go thru this, and I hope Hastings will step up and improve their policies to become a more diabetic feriendly business. Maybe all involved should attend our walk and health fair...and Trenton, you most definitelyay bring your bag.