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Yes you heard me right..sweet treats for all the festivities.

Like I said before, I learned a long time ago how to enjoy everything we had while cutting out the sugar. I have to admit that some of my family didn't joyously jump on the sugar free bandwagon, but here we are today..and they sometimes don't miss it.

My creations for the fourth of July include sugar free cup cakes topped with sugar free icing and a decorative flag. Along side it is a mini sugar free bunt cake with sugar free icing. On top are sugar free sugar cookies with sugar free sprinkles. Do you sense a theme? That's right it is all sugar free!

Most people wouldn't bother with it. They would just walk away and mole about not having the real thing. Truth be told, too much sugar isn't good period. Plus, time and time again I hear people say that they like the sugar free treats more. All in all, the main reason I go this extra mile to make sugar free and fat free food is because I want to enjoy these moments with my family, all of them. It's hard to have a holiday and you can't partake in the events. That's why I do all I can to make sure that those I love with diabetes will always be able to enjoy. Nothing is better then the look on their face when they know they can enjoy something like everyone else.

And another thing...don't knock it till you try it.

I hope all of you have a great holiday!